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Some of us are so fortunate. In this poem I think of the children lost , homeless and forgotten.

Poor Child

Mountain_lakeby Noble1one28 Sep 2013

A tear rolling down your face
still a piece of bread you want to taste
Where is your father and your mother, how have you been raised,

Poor child standing in the cold so alone ,
Even the rain won’t make you shiver
Your days are a struggle just to eat half of my diner,

Naked your feet without a sock or shoe
Poor child no one care’s for you
Your lips so blue
In your eyes I can see your intensions is true,
Please let this poor child have a meal tonight, Please dry he’s tears so he won’t cry,

Poor child your clothes like paper
Your poor soul must feel so naked
Us humans can be full of hatred
This child is not faceless,
Poor this child

May he’s soul be blessed
Help this child find a bed
Please hold this child’s hand
Show him that we care ,
Poor child can you ever smile
I pray you will one day stop to cry