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Frustrations of mine in the form of words!

Oh, Shut up!

23208b262e0cea85a40c3dd19d0e9747by Naveen Piedy16 Feb 2014

Dear miss, the girl who gossips
My life is already miserable
Then why do you to
Slip a knife between my bones

My love life isn't some play
For you to look forward to
Yet you do, which gets me thinking
Why don't you get a life?

She doesn't know and probably never will
But why do you have
To plant the seed of suspicion
And ruin her perception about me

That friend who is with you
I infer she has nothing to do too
Without the assistance of you two
I can clearly understand my tragic plot

You will probably gossip about this
And push me in the lime light
For I think you are an half wit
So let me make it simpler - "Oh , Shut Up!"

Without wax
No Name

P.S: Not intended at anyone