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Imagination ran wild

The Valentine Party

23208b262e0cea85a40c3dd19d0e9747by Naveen Piedy16 Feb 2014

I took my feet down the street,
To a friend’s house of mine.
Wearing a Tux and with messy hair,
Attending a party just out of courtesy.

I take a seat at the far corner
With two glasses of red wine in hand
Trying to make myself scarce
As others happily dance

People laughing and smiling all around
Dancing under a chandelier of candles
While few couples retreat out
I roll my eyes wishing time would fly

Just then falls into my adjacent chair
A young lady dressed in blue
Not even knowing I exist
Wearing the same frown as mine

I offer her my un-sipped glass
Making her exclaim for she thought she was alone
Drinking the glass in one short gulp
Guess she needed it more than me

This small token of courtesy
Soon developed into a startling conversation
Making fun of all the other people
We were having a quite a time

Enter a drunken lad to stifle a good talk
Asking her hand in dance
Her head turns to meet my eye
And I politely tell him she is with me

As he leaves, I do what I didn't think I would
I ask her for a dance and she responds
“Why should you have the pleasure and not him?”
Me -“Because he is not me”

With a smile she takes my hand
As she places the other one on my shoulder
We dance to the silence of our smiles
And to the slow music playing of course

The world around blurs while
She grips my imagination with her eyes
Smiling and laughing we don’t care
As we sway to the tunes

As we forget our surroundings
We stumble by a misplaced chair
Laughing as I help her onto her feet
That’s when the clock strikes

The happiness on her face loses its color
As its time, her carriage awaits
With a kiss on my cheek
She hurries towards the door

I hurry following her behind
Trying to catch up with her
She turns just in time by the door
“Your name m’lady?” I ask

Without wax
No Name