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Story, romantic


23208b262e0cea85a40c3dd19d0e9747by Naveen Piedy22 Feb 2014

When I entered the
Club Of Artist Talented
I was disappointed
For I was the only 1 there

I turned back
And saw her for the 1st time
I said to myself
Maybe this isn't a bad idea

She introduced herself as
The founder and the president of the club
And I am its
1st ever member beside her

A club for 2 ppl
Seemed worthless to me
Set aside how beautiful
The president is

But I was fascinated by her
She was excited and full of energy
She spoke 100 words before I could utter 1
She wanted the C.O.A.T to live on

I learnt that she was a musician
Pretty good at that too
While I wrote the lyrics
She composed the music for it

Then days flew by
But no new members
We alone met everyday
Somewhere or the other

She used to call at 2am
She seemed crazy & passionate
While I was shy & lazy
My heart was saying something

Whenever it rains
We used to walk together
She always said
She loved the sound of the raindrops

Surprisingly we got new members
And the C.O.A.T started to grow
So did the distance between us
After all the club was her dream

There was 1 person in particular
Whom I detested the most
He was a dancer named Nick
Who seemed to have all the right moves

Whenever I saw her
She was talking with him
I felt angry and helpless
But why should I ?

But I wanted the old days back
The days when she and I
Used to talk, laugh,
And walk alone in the rain

Feb 14 was around the corner
Maybe it's time I tell it on that day
That I think
I have fallen in love with her

Valentine's day came
Just to see my heart break
I saw Nick kneeling on one leg
With flowers in his hand

I could not see her face
But I was dejected
I thought it's better to leave
To take my mind off

The only place to console me
Was the lake near by
It was raining when I reached
And I saw her standing

She told me that Nick proposed her
But she said no
I didn't understand why she said these to me
But I saw some hope in it

When I asked her why ?
She said she wanted a boy
Who wrote lyrics to her music
And walks with her in the rain

I held her hand
And said "I too want a girl
Who composes music to my poems
And walks....................."
She just kissed me before I could finish
And I took that as an yes !!!!

Without wax
No name