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Its kinda in the moment poem.

The Stroll

23208b262e0cea85a40c3dd19d0e9747by Naveen Piedy20 Jun 2014

I went out for a walk under the moon
Strolling down the empty street
With my hands in my pockets
I looked up to see a sky embedded with stars

I stand there lost in the heavens
I don’t know if it is just the stars
Or the cold wind along with it,
That makes me remember the times with you

I feel so heavy with memories that
Make me want to smile and shed a tear
It was beautiful, what we had
Now it’s just sad that I ponder on what went wrong

I just wish you are admiring the sky
After all it’s the same sky, same moon and breeze
Maybe if we had just looked into what we had in common
Instead of looking into what we never had, maybe ….

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