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Whatever you are going through, cherish life, breathe


Ochieng_adhollaby Patrick Ochieng Adholla01 May 2015

When the past left you with scars, the present is made of wars,
The future is in your hands; please don't look back, just move forward.
The past is what we call history; the present is your only present,
The future is full of victories if you use properly that present.
In the past you were crawling, you learned to walk now you are running,
In the future you might be cruising; there is a time for every purpose.
Past and present wars are consuming your hopes for a new beginning,
Stagnation is not appealing; every good thing come at a cost.
Your destiny is the greatest when you have learned from your mistakes;
History is the best teacher, learn to forgive but don’t forget.
Don't compare yourself to others; everyone has its own pace,
You might be last at the beginning and at the final line the best.
Times are in the hands of God, they help him to master our lives,
The past is where we find answers; future is what keeps us alive.
The present is a present coming with its blessings or curses,
In a soon future they will be history ,it is where we will find answers.