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A poem based on the Emperor Napoleon's home sickness for his birth place, Corsica, while he was on exile on the Isle of Corsica, under the watchful eye of Governor Hudson Lowe.

Napoleon's Nostalgia

345886by Joseph C Ogbonna12 Jun 2017

Corsica, oh my Corsica,
Corsica of a thousand charms,
Corsica of whose fragrance
I can distinguish from France.
I delight in your coat of arms,
with an image the replica
of an emancipated man.
You were my childhood paradise,
in your gardens I played and ran.
Your shores inspired delightful tales
of a land fortified by whales.
Oh Corsica my Corsica
I long to inhabit your shores,
to flee Hudson's punitive laws.
There never was a land so dear
as this idyllic Island rare.
France did value thee at a price,
and Genoa prospered from thy sale.
Corsica, oh my Corsica,
Shall I ever see thee again?
Or will my longing be in vain?
Oh how I love thee Corsica,
heal my protracted home sickness,
like a tender loving mistress.