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A poem about the serpent. The snake is one of the amazing creatures I have ever come across. It is a loathsome creature worth studying.

Snake: A Creature so amazing

345886by Joseph C Ogbonna12 Jun 2017

One sunny afternoon, I coiled
in the grass, and later wriggled
my way through the woods.
Though scaly and limitless I am,
yet uniquely created and
outstanding amongst beasts.
My charming rhythmic
movement caught the attention
of the hunter who though struck
by awe, yet coveted my lurid
green scales.
On approaching me, the glitter of my
divinely adorned skin, revealed in the
pasture land by the scorching
rays of the tropical sun calmed his fevered
There never was such natural
beauty ever seen by him, in fact if he
were inclined deeply to his ancestral beliefs,
perhaps he would have numbered me with the gods. Neither the lilies of the valley nor
the garden of roses
in their astonishing array of colours
could my beauty be likened to.
'What manner of creature? said he.
long beautiful belt-like features
fit to adorn the tunics of a goddess.
Yet he sojourns like a priceless
jewel in the midst of the thorny woods.
But who could he possibly be? A fallen angel?
A reptile with a two forked tongue? A mermaid
on the terrestrial? Or even LUCIFER himself,
the fairest of angels all?
But I for the thick woods went,
for fear of an age-old foe,
wriggling steadily, steadily along the path,
ready to vanish from
his dreadful sight'.