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A poem based on how two friends of mine met and fell in love through Facebook. They are set to marry soon.


345886by Joseph C Ogbonna25 Jul 2017

It was indeed orchestrated by Providence,
for two hypnotized by love on social media.
It was indeed the innovation of the times
that united two once unbeknownst to each other,
separated by tongue, culture, values and distance.
A French kiss across the Niger, strengthened further
by an age of digital encyclopaedia.
Behold, love is in the air as the Church bells chimes
for two, reaping from the gains of a smaller globe,
set to find themselves inextricably in a robe.
Lovers set to make a vow with a covenant kiss,
guaranteed to grant them both a wedlock of bliss.
Tese and Rosemary in their world of ambience.