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A school song

A Song For Adorable British College, Enugu

0404c21f01167ddce75cb96c6d3cf7dfby Joseph C Ogbonna25 Oct 2017

My adorable academic sanctuary,
My big citadel of intellectual prowess,
Where ignorance is consigned to an ossuary
For the once inherent and nagging backwardness.
Any who treads your academic trajectory
Is numbered with the doyen of enlightened ones.
Your young protégés will attain greatness in turns
As they soar to Heights propelled by dexterity.
Adorable, my adorable, the beauty
Of a great standard most valuable and priceless,
Offering hope to the intellectually bereft
And light to the educationally inept.
Adorable, adorable, the most esteemed
Of all institutions as generally deemed.
Ever swift to render unparalleled service,
Making a genius once considered a novice.