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A poem for local and global peace

Oh that the world may be tranquil

345886by Joseph C Ogbonna30 Jan 2018

Oh that wars may cease,
Oh that peace might reign,
Oh that men may seize
brutes who are the bane
of societal peace,
so that peace and love
may never be lost,
nor our fragile trust
become precarious.
May our many foes
be saved from death's throes.
May tanks be plowshares,
and guns harvesters.
May our daily cares
on neighbours be cast.
May all our youngsters
cease evil to learn
by working to earn
their wages by day.
Oh may the boisterous
child be not consumed
by his fatal fall.
Oh that people may
seek good roles to play
in a world so small,
and shaped like a ball.
Oh that we may fast
comprehend the times
as the clock bell chimes,
and all our callous
deeds be not resumed.