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Written feelings of my personal love with Sophie for every time I see her, I start admiring how she looks, the way she talks and walks. This can be used too with men feeling the same for their soulmates and try to compare it

Love matters

Whatsapp_image_2019-04-08_at_12.16.00_pmby Raphael Awuoi23 Nov 2019

To Sophie,

Everything in you I admire,
No situation with you is a quagmire,
For our mutual connection strong like a wire,
With u my kids I want to sire,
With her consequences are dire,
She is as hot as the fire,

Buddy, she ain't even for hire,
Backbiter is always a liar,

As essential as the air,
I and you are like a pair,
Your soul to find is rare,
Your flaws I have to bear,
For the fruits, you will bear,
To separate us you will have to dare,
For this is the African president's chair,

For you, I will always care,
With you, I will always pay the fare,
Actions to you I will always be fair,
Building our firstborn to be the heir,
To be as clever as the hare,
We don’t have to teach him that knowledge is in the hair.

From Raffi Don