Life is full of surprises

Image-analysisby Orly Segal05 Nov 2020

I am sitting on the balcony,
I am staring at the endless blue ocean.
I am trying to ignore all the noises and focus on the sound of the waves,
I am trying to clear my head and relax.

It is so peaceful and promising,
It is giving me a sense of optimism.
It has a different colour every day,
It looks the same but still different.

He is suffering a lot,
It started as a headache.
It changed his life completely.
He must stay strong and positive.

They are walking him through this crisis.
She is helping him a lot too.
The kids are still very young.
We are all hoping for a miracle.

It is the beginning of autumn,
It gets darker much sooner these days.
The last few months were full of changes and surprises,
I am really excited about the future