Honey trap

Image-analysisby Orly Segal21 Nov 2020

We drive in the big family car,
No need for a destination at the end.
There is a scene of freedom in the air but still,
Have a plan to go somewhere.
The Cockatoos and budgies are free,
The animals are all around,
Tall trees are green from so much rain,
No need for these fake flowers.

The big brick houses with the wooden fence,
No walls between them.
No bars on the windows or heavy doors,
Everything is just so simple.
The playgrounds, the oval near the school,
The wide river, it feels so safe.
It all starts early before sunrise,
But it doesn’t end too late.

The authentic smiles and tears,
The innocence, without any fear.
Greeting unfamiliar faces,
kind to strangers, communities together.
It feels like paradise if there was one,
It feels like home but it is away.
Why should I leave? Will I ever return?
No, if you ask me today.