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Satirical take on the opening of the Jack the Ripper Museum, despite the initial promise to turn it into a museum of the East End women.

At the Jack the Ripper museum

7854be014c3d3a66293dc643d66efb80_400x400by Oscar Mann01 Oct 2015

So first they wanted to honour
The honourful women of the East End
But then they came to think to what end?
And would that mean that money’s well spent?

And then they kind of changed their shift
And ended up with a serial killer
They promised us all killer, no filler
Replacing strong women for a Victorian thriller

So now I wander in Jack’s museum
And no Suffragette is to be seen
The only women that ended up there
Murdered they have been

And now they’re proud and quite content
To see their money’s so well spent
The only thing they have to do
Is see that you spend money too

So get yourself a bloody souvenir
A mug that’d make Jack proud
And if you find it of bad taste
Ye honourful women, please, do get out.