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When I wrote this poem many years ago I didn't really know what it meant, I was playing with words and images. Now I'd say it's probably about striving and letting go, searching and finding more than you were looking for

The Unicorn's Horn

Pz-avatarby Barbara Usher 08 May 2015

Once I heard a celestial song
And strove to sing along
I came upon a unicorn
And tried to touch its horn
And then I saw that the celestial song
Stroked the unicorn’s horn
And at their touch the joy was such
That Time held its breath

I saw an eagle split the sky
And struggled hard to fly
Smelled perfume on the breath of a bee
And wished that I was free
And then I saw that the bee rode high
On the mighty King’s wing
And as they flew, the perfume grew
Til Hell’s stench was pure

I felt the pain of Autumn’s chill
And wished that death was still
Saw tears blink in a proud man’s eye
And wanted him to cry
And then I saw that the proud man’s tears
Fell on Autumn’s still chill
And as they dropped, the pain was stopped
Til life kissed the Sun