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a poem about football(soccer) and it is used as an antidote to counter suburban monotony and creates ephemeral excitement

The Sunday Boys

Pz-avatarby David Watts20 Apr 2014

Gathering in groups until 11 is made
the Sunday boys come to play
the Sunday game.

Serotinal days in late Summer haze
Wintry nights a dour delight
Not even a biblical rain could stifle slight
This kicking craze.

After ninety minutes plus,
They are sheperded to the bus,
Caked boots with clanging studs,
Sweaty palms, Hearts with menacing thuds,
Despite the loss,
Despite what others may say,
The Sunday Boys play.

Schools, shops, factories and crime
will absorb their time
the seventh day arrives,
the pitch is chalked,
the nets are raised,
friends are gathered and
The Sunday Boys play.