The Breaking of Dawn

Imgp0750by P.H. Wilson17 May 2014

A fallen moon crescent accentuates the day
Daylight cascading over pure beauty
In a delicate state as dew settles on the grass
Time slowly creeps into reality
Breath frozen with the coming of morning
Surrounded by the comfort upon my neck
No longer having to close my eyes
Since she is lying next to me
A sunrise arises so full of fire
The sky a blazing inferno
A perfect match for my heart
The wind lightly whispers
My face nears yours as if I plan to do the same
However all my lips do is steal a kiss
I used to believe I could not continue
Now I know the meaning of love
As if I read it upon your milky smooth skin
Or was it in the sensation from your velvet lips
A symphony plays your voice to me
While I fixate on the diamonds in your eyes
Rapidly emotions run through me like a roaring river
Quietly I sit thinking that I cannot wait
Until the moon lights up the sky
And I hold you in my arms again