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This poem talks about two lovers with different perspective of one's love.

Love between science and Math. Is it me, or is it you?

Pz-avatarby Jenny Planes10 Sep 2016

"Are you mathematics?" asked science.
"Why?" asked math.
"Because everyone in class says we're inseparable." said science.
"What theories do you have to prove such unwanted claims?" asked math.
"You!" said science.
"Me? Why me?"asked math.
"You shed life on my scientific methods." said science
"How?"asked math.
"With your perfect imperfections of miscalculations." said science.
"Miscalculations you say?" asked math.
"You miscalculated the probability of me falling for you." said science.
"You said that we're inseparable. Did you not?" asked math.
"Pardon me. But, perhaps it's time for us to head towards our separate ways." said science.
"Why so?" asked math.

"My hypothesis have withered into null." said science.
"What makes your null hypothesis?" asked math?
"You and you're false statistical tools." said science.
"You were the one to blame!" said math.
"Why?" asked science.
"Struggles in calculations makes the hypothesis stronger." said math.
"But sometimes it weakens the conclusion." said science.
"Not if there's recommendation." said math.
"What do you recommend?" asked science.
"I recommend you to study a new experiment and stand on my behalf. "said math.
"exactly like what?" asked science.
"probability." said math.
"I'm science remember? I can't possibly solve for that?" asked science.
"As what everyone said, we're inseparable. We're as one." said math.
" Then I shall do it." said science.
"Then conduct an experiment about the probability of you not knowing how much I love you." said math.

let x be the light of the sun, and y be the light of the sun from the mirror to the darkest room.
Therefore, x is the light of my life and y is the reason why I love my life.