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This poem is dedicated to my best friends: Marian, Angelica, Arianne,Glendel and Abigail.They're the ones who made this poem vibrant.

Childhood, Adolescence and Adulthood

Pz-avatarby Jenny Planes10 Sep 2016

I'm starting to crawl,
If I stand up-
I always stumble and fall
Mommy, give me a lollipop

Brother is so mean
Sister is so rude
Teasing me for my skin
And taking my food

Why is the sky blue?
And can you buy me a bike?
Mom, I learned something new
Wow, look at that kite!

People,people,people everywhere
Pimple,pimple,pimple everywhere
at my pimples, at my pimples, they stare
People'll judge me better watch what I wear

There's this boy I like
I see stars in his eyes
When I'm with him time flies
He plagues my mind every night

I'm disappearing
Do you even notice?
I'm slowly, slowly fading
Falling into a dark abyss

Now I'm grown
Every day is a repetition of the last
I can buy things on my own
Time went by so fast

I have a child on my own
Soon, she, too, will grow
She'll speak to me in an angry tone
Then, I'll have to let her go

A gloomy day descends upon me
Nostalgic thoughts, melancholy
Looking back to the things I've done
Those days are now past and gone.