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this poem was inspired by the degree of discrimination facing trans people in today's society..but it also echoes the body and how the form of the individual can be used to express what words sometimes can't


Moobs_from_moobville_014by Pages Matter23 Feb 2014

Walking towards me with such ease and grace
Hair perfectly set
Makeup done to perfection
Handbag poised at the ready in the crux of your elbow
Eyes alive with wonder and beauty
Posture strong, yet ever seductive
Your blood-stained hand extends into a state of offering
Each line echoing voices of hate and discrimination
You materialized the lines they rehearsed in their minds
Alone at night
You gave them power
When they had none
You look at me with such sorrow in your eyes, dear one
Tears fall down your face with such tenderness
They cascade lines untouched
Blessing each fear
Each hateful thought
Each cut
You are beautiful
Even if you don’t dare believe it yet
Even if you shy away from the thought that you ARE worth something
The depth of your heart is more encompassing than any hurtful word or gimmick
You are human