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These are my thoughts on my diagnosis.

My wolf named Lupus.

6362d692-1b76-4ce6-9bd3-8450b84e9787by UniversalSpeakerPartTimeTweaker16 Jan 2019

So here I stand,
before blank paper.
Pen in hand,
I bought a new stapler....

My apologies that was shit, I promise I’ll do better,
this isn’t a lovely sonnet, it’s a devils ‘fuck you’ letter.
Thinking of how best to express my mind,
life was great, why must you be so unkind?
Time it is a healer...but kills us on the sly,
Like some kind of universal joke that’s with us till we die.
Then we’re left to wonder, forever in the dark,
some of us still searching for that illusive divine spark.
But it’s always been within you, we must all become awaken,
but some refuse to believe until their final breath is taken.
To the ignorant, the thought of a focused mind with so much mess in,
may cause them to lose faith in the illusions they invest in.
So keep your eyes wide shut, as you gently stroll on by,
don’t spare a second thought or even ponder why.
Try and read my mind if you wish, I think you’ll go insane,
these demons are my friends but they are far from fucking tame.
When I was a youngster I dreamed of being tall dark and handsome...
Got my wish, but the price was my body holds my life for ransom.
I’m my own worst enemy, something I have always known,
and the older I get, the more my body insists that it shall moan.
You see I’m plagued by a wolf that dances around my psyche,
always lurking in the shadows, I can feel his breath behind me.
Some might see this as a weakness but I interpret it as a challenge,
although my body is in pain I will do much more with this than just manage.
One day wolfie you will catch me, but till then you must be smarter,
because sheer strength alone won’t hold me down, my soul is not for barter.