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A tongue in cheek joke.


6362d692-1b76-4ce6-9bd3-8450b84e9787by UniversalSpeakerPartTimeTweaker16 Jan 2019

Oh Brexit Brexit,
what a monumental mess,
I’ve purposely stayed dumb coz to be honest, I couldn’t care less.
MP’s will always gallivant,
until time itself doth end,
with our best interests at heart they continually pretend.
Why should my day to day peace,
be shattered by a curse,
I’ll keep my head in the sand thanks, or it will get so much worse.
I hate to see hard working people, taken for a mug,
this isn’t right, it’s a load of shite,
on my heart stings it does tug.
So I’ll sit here passing judgment, sipping tea like an English gent,
to all you politicians, do me a favour, go get bent. 🙊