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Spoken word.

The fight for your soul.

6362d692-1b76-4ce6-9bd3-8450b84e9787by UniversalSpeakerPartTimeTweaker23 Jan 2019

I used to think that spoken word,
Was the same as polishing a turd,
But now I have been bitten,
I am well and truly smitten...
I like to play with fire,
Because within me there is no lier,
My truth will stare you down,
And in your fiction you will drown...
Do not worship idols,
Or their fancy titles,
They’re just here to keep us blind,
Of that I’m not sure if you mind?..
Take care of your health,
For this is your wealth,
Don’t take on too much stress,
Or your time here will be less...
Devils walk this earth,
I have known this since my birth,
And if you sit and cower,
Then your soul they will devour...