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For my big, beautiful mare who has gone 'up the lane' to graze :)

Uniquely Her

Imageby Abby Mooney29 Dec 2013

The hay doesn't eat it's self,
But I can hear her teeth at the grind,
I can feel her breath upon my neck,
But I say it's just in my mind.

I can hear her big feet in her stable,
I can her her sigh as she trips,
I can hear her whinnie for carrots,
But I say it's my mind playing tricks.

I cal feel the swish of her tail,
The smell, uniquely her mane,
I can hear the lub dub of hear heart beat,
And I wonder if I'm going insane.

My big mare is gone,
My sweet girl, oh so cruel,
She's not haunting my mind,
She's haunting my heart,
My big mare is now a ghoul!