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For teenagers.

The War In South Shore (blackpool)

Imageby Abby Mooney29 Dec 2013

Challenge me,
Just bring it,
Our streets brought me up,
I dare you,
Do we scare you?
You won't even look up.

Challenge me,
Just try me,
Live our lives are on the line,
We're waiting,
Not baiting,
But everything's fine.

Challenge me,
You think you know the score!
I am every young man,
Waiting for war.

Challenge my manners,
Go, ask me the time!
Or can I borrow a lighter,
Or say thanks for letting me in line!
Challenge me I dare you,
No challenge yourself,
Take your misjudgements,
Put them back on the shelf.

Challenge me,
I ask you.
Don't just cross the road,
We aren't all pent up anger,
We won't just explode.
I ask you,
I dare you,
Show some respect,
It's the older generation,
That seems eager to forget.