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To love another, you sometimes have to hurt yourself. Especially as a horse owner.

Chapter two.

Imageby Abby Mooney24 Jan 2014

Admitting that things have changed,
That all I know about you,
What I've loved has become deranged,
That you out grew me,
That you marched right through me,
Is hardest to say and harder to see.

The pieces are all there,
But they don't all fit,
Love is letting go,
I won't use the word quit,
Quitting would be continuing,
As love shouldn't hurt,
Love shouldn't be vile and putrid,
It should taste sweet not just like dirt.

I love you enough to walk away,
But I shall not forever erase,
The sweet sound of your whinnie,
Or the feel of your mane against my face.
I love you enough to admit,
That you need more than me,
I love you enough to let go,
So you can become all you want to be.

We wrote a sweet sweet story,
We had adventures and tales,
So we write our final lines,
'My love, your love,
Won't fail.'

I'm about to write new chapters,
Entitled moving on,
But I'll carry you in my heart,
Even when you're gone.
I'll see the rainbow through the clouds,
I'll see the sunshine and each star,
But this is a new journey,
That we travel separately and far.