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Some can be exceptionally rude to tattooed people!

Tattooed ladies

Imageby Abby Mooney24 Jan 2014

We can cook like your mother,
Cuddle like a lover,
Kiss like no other,
And punch like a big brother.

We can smile like we mean it,
Act like we've not seen it,
Believe in it and dream it,
And be apart of the team.

We can raise our children too,
Just as well as you,
Like all the things you do,
We can see it through.

We are usually polite,
But we will not take your shite,
When you ask if it's alright,
If you 'do us' tonight.

We are tattooed, not slutty,
We are people not putty,
You can not just mould me,
Based upon what you see.

Yes we have pretty skin,
But there's still stuff with in,
We don't want to hear about sin,
Or what you think about us.

Your opinion's a moot point,
You don't need to anoint,
My ears with your thoughts,
That aren't worth a penny.

Now please go away,
I've nothing more to say,
I won't play it your way,
Not ever, not today!