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Abby Mooney

From Lancashire

My first poetry book was funky chickens by Benjamin Zephaniah, I read it when I was 9 in primary school and cried when I had to give it back! My inspirations are Pam Ayres and the brilliant Shane Koyczan, alongside my very first love, marilyn manson! My muses are my job, (youth work) my degree, (criminology) and my horses :) I'm looking for some feedback, my New Years resolution for 2014 is to share more poetry I write, I've been egged on my friends! I hope you find something you like!

What inspires me?

My horse, being a youth worker, the town I live in, my experiences, my friends! Music, opinions... Anything that outrages me!

My best line

I felt so suddenly big, Even a mountain couldn't climb me! The grass is always greener when you are by my side.

Top 5 poets

  1. Shane Koyczan
  2. Tony 'longfella' Walsh
  3. Benjamin Zephaniah
  4. Pam Ayres

Top 5 poems

  1. Help wanted - Shane Koyczan
  2. I wish I'd looked after my teeth - Pam Ayres
  3. Intimacy - Tony Walsh
  4. Bop til you drop- Tony Walsh
  5. Swallowed - Shane Koyczan

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