Beauty of the night

B385563e5a31a7fb8cbc0f2027c7729aby patience zimunya05 Nov 2017

A generous ,unrestrained package
Aboard with the full swing of the reliable moon
Diluting the surrendering segments of light
Casting its long,unique shadows
With a heavy,creepy feel
Claiming its fair share
Of an open chance to show love and life
Renewed hope

The unmistakable incessant choruses
Of frivolous shy little creatures
Exchanging cheers
A time to rule
Unwary of silent predators
Lurking in the dark spell

Sieve the days proceedings
Shallow breaths
A moment to introspect
Submit to the stillness
Conform to its innocent steady vibe

A moment of undistracted rehearsal
A moment of unlimited expression
A moment of profound perfection
A moment of self appraisal
A moment of self satisfaction

Secretly replenish
Secret self blossom
Less distraction
Readily show off
Perfected beauty
By daylight
Leaves a pure sign of its presence
Morning dew
A traceable form of its beauty

Patience zimunya