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A day out in London, punctuated by three meals

Three Meals in London

Screen_shot_2017-12-05_at_08.50.24by Patrick Howse27 Jul 2016

I. Sloane Square

A breakfast
near Tiffany's;
it's business.

It's not a job
interview he says
before the interview;

I don't know
what the job is.
Neither does he.

II. South Kensington

Lunch with my son,
half a head taller
than me.

We chat and we
eat hummous.
I buy myself

books, then one
for him, just like
I used to do.

III. St Pancras

Tea with Betjeman.
I peer through the
crook of his arm,

but even if his bronze
cheek was softer than
his recorded voice,

I wouldn't see what
he sees; there's a
poet in the way.