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A walk round Berlin - Hooded Crows are the crows you'll see in Berlin, in ireland, northern scotland, and the middle east - but not in England or Bavaria -
The green monsters are 19th Century street water pumps, still in place and working.

The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church was partially destroyed in an air raid in 1943, and has been preserved in that state.
Some of the glass from that blast would have landed on the spot where, in December 2016 a man deliberately drove a truck through a Christmas market, killing 10 people.

Checkpoint Charlie was a crossing point from west Berlin across the Berlin Wall to the East.

A Walk Through Berlin

Screen_shot_2017-12-05_at_08.50.24by Patrick Howse07 Apr 2017

Towards the Tiergarten,
Monsters of green iron
Cast for emperors
Define streets lining
Spaces stubbornly preserved
From the weight
Of concrete and history;

Cloaked in brown,
The hooded crows
Proclaim their difference
To English cousins
By reminding me
Of Ireland and Iraq.

The Broken Church’s
Lopped-off spire
Punctures time, compelling
My eye to rebuild it,
My hand to sink
Into the sandy surface
Of a shrapnel-pitted wall,

And, beneath the empty
Rose window, a calculation:
Where to stand
To survive the blast-flung
Spray of death.

At Checkpoint Charlie
Students laugh in
Bright tourist sunshine,
Flashing their phones
And their smiles across
A shadow on the road
As they make friends & futures;

Where a grey division
Vomited overnight
A generation sinks
Into dotage, and forgets
Building walls
Is an act of violence.