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Another incident of high drama witnessed in a part of west London not noted for its wildness.


Screen_shot_2017-12-05_at_08.50.24by Patrick Howse25 Aug 2013

There’s too much noise
For Darwinian comfort:
As the robins bring grubs

To the bushes beneath the window
They bring attention to themselves.

Half noticed but completely predictable
A cat pours himself into
The garden like treacle,

And black expectant Death
Waits quietly in the shadows.

Now with an immature flurry
A fledgling flaps onto the fence,
Scruffy down poking through

Brown plumage, his gaping gullet
Taking a parental stream of food.

It can’t last long:
Overbalancing he falls
With a frantic chatter:

Instantly a thump of cat
On wooden planking stuns him

Into astonished passive acceptance
Of the clamped whiskered jaws
On his choking throat.

Returning, a bewildered parent
Chirps in vain for a hungry mouth.