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Another poem inspired by Alpine Choughs, tough, joyous mountain birds.

The Pursuit of Happiness

Screen_shot_2017-12-05_at_08.50.24by Patrick Howse25 Aug 2013

Garrulous choughs gather in the valley
As dawn etches rose and violet gullies
On frost-shattered peaks.

They begin a chaotic ascent
Climbing to cross the shadow-line
As it crawls down the mountains.

They indulge their aerobatic urges
On slopes just beyond me
Always enticingly out of reach.

Quicker than my weary earthbound limbs
Forever they are exactly
Somewhere that I am not.

I give up the chase and my gaze
Drifts into the meringue panorama
Of blue and white distance.

Then in sudden glossy-black nearness
The choughs play joyously round my smile
In the pure Alpine air.