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You really can't beat monks for brewing - this monastery outside Munich has been doing it for centuries.

Kloster Andechs - Master Brewers Since 1455

Screen_shot_2017-12-05_at_08.50.24by Patrick Howse03 Nov 2013

This beer has complex flavours.

Reformation, Enlightenment,
Wars and Reichs
Have come and gone

While the monks
Brewed their beer
And praised their Lord.

There's more than
Hops and barley
In this golden glass,

More than the softness
Of Bavarian water
Filtered through mountains.

You taste twenty generations
Of pre-dawn rising
To contemplate the eternal,

Mixed liberally
With frustrated sexuality,
With yearning denied

Or only illicitly
Indulged, poured
Over guilt and grief,

And steeped
With high ideals
For centuries.

This beer has complex flavours.