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The latest psychological research suggests babies remember things all their lives - but in intense packages, released in later life by a smell, a colour, or a touch. I think artists of all genres have always known this

The Baby and the Blue Plastic Bottle

Screen_shot_2017-12-05_at_08.50.24by Patrick Howse05 Jul 2013

She was first attracted by
Coldness against teething cheeks;

Later, she played with it
Empty cracking and crackling,
Biting and squeezing,

Fists and feet fiercely
Embracing the last night
Of her first trip to Italy.

Perhaps, as the last living
Witness to events skipping
Elusively before her memory,

That same colour blue
Suffused with sunlight shining
Might pierce her heart

With a joy, a sadness
As vibrant as the brush of lips
Or the scent of lavender,

And will move her profoundly
For one exquisite moment
She won’t be able to explain.