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A trip to the hospital. The old gentlemen said more than he meant to.

The Waiting Room

Screen_shot_2017-12-05_at_08.50.24by Patrick Howse24 Mar 2014

Shoulder to shoulder they sit
Packed into fixed seats
In two facing rows,
Unwilling to speak above a whisper.

Mostly, they're the victims
Of a cruel accident,
The unexpected and inadvertent
Arrival of their old age.

The one on the end
Wears old man's trousers,
And his pale socks bulge
With swollen ankles and feet.

He has waited here too long,
And abruptly tries to rise,
Creaking painful joints
To coax into flow stagnant blood.

He taps the floor between
Tentative shuffled steps,
Hoping life will return
Before his pending x-ray.

Apologetically, he smiles patiently
To the waiting room, murmuring
Through expiring breath
"It's only a matter of time".