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This is about the class divide in the U.K. It is about how the politicians use media to stereotype people they consider beneath them. They do it effectively and divide the people they are supposed to represent.

Lost Generation

Pz-avatarby 21kpoetry04 Nov 2013

You call them dumb.
You call them lazy.
You say they are just little vagrants.

But they are not from mars.
They are your babies.

They are a reflection of your failings.
Born and bred to a lost generation.

They can’t get jobs or an education.
Then you wonder why they go crazy.
ASBOS, hoodies and CHAVs are you favourites.

You don’t care about them unless they go crazy.
Rioting, looting and kids having babies.
Then you publicise how you hate them.

Our grandparents sacrificed all in your favour.
Then were you when things went pear shaped.
Create estates, build the hatred.

Divide and conquer and we play it.
Come the day that we awaken.
Stand back and watch as we invade you.

The fuse will be lit and we will slay you.
Or slay ourselves as we are not blameless.

We are the generation that is getting more lost.
That little more crazy.

We are just faceless numbers in a system.
Designed to control and do us no favours.

But there is hope.
There is always salvation.

One day we will have our leader.
Who will be more than just a good speaker.

Maybe then we won’t lose a generation.