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'Eremite' is the word that later became 'Hermit' in English...

A Hermit is/ was a holy man who chose to live alone somewhere remote so as to be closer to God, the Spirit, or whatever you chose to call it...


Me_cafe_rougeby Jake Murray16 Oct 2015


alone i hear the voice of god
soul takes form and the form
is the form of the word i hear
speech and the speech is of
understanding i see trees
i see wind i see breeze

sunlight becomes my shelter
moonlight becomes my sleep
like a stone i fall into my deepness
i breathe silence silence weaves peace
grass and leaves are my bedclothes
the hills my wine my lees

sister and brother sing to me in dreams
world my lover wraps its arms about me
in losing my body i find my body
speak little hear more touch all there is
i am alone though my life is peopled
among the trees among the sky among the hills