Me_cafe_rougeby Jake Murray11 Jan 2016


It was as if you fell. I caught you
so gently. You lay there, cradled in my
arms, stretched across me, a single candle
casting firelight across your face, the street outside
forgotten, the street forgetting us.

I held you as one who loves you, as one
who had lost you and weeps now to hold you again,
here, returned, come home. I whispered
a thank you. Your eyes looked at mine;
all my life found its place in that moment,
your eyes like pools of water, held
in my arms, your trust.

In you I am transfigured, in your gaze
I am young again, attired in purest gold.
My heart blazes on the mountain top,
each flame a petal of a rose
at rest in eternity, strange alchemy
of this touch, the curve of your
body in repose.

My soul is yours.
This pledge is eternal, I will not lose you,
I will not let you fall, if you will have me.
Take my hand and we will rise. Let the world
remember who we were. I will not live in darkness,
my firebird, hold me in your arms,
your eyes.