Me_cafe_rougeby Jake Murray24 Jan 2016


We watch as the lovers
gather in the temple, the night blue,
the stars, silent, suspended across
the sky. The sea stirs in mute respect,
concealed behind the mountain stone
unseen; everything waits.

Twin flames,
she, the child of the moon,
he, the offspring of the sun,
stand before each other, resplendent,
masks of silver, masks of gold,
steps elegant as they turn

and touch,
his arms sliding behind her,
her neck, lean and long, pale
in the moonlight, ivory skin,
ebony touch, dancing,
twin flames moving as one.

We watch as the lovers
fade in the darkness, night swallowing sight.
We take the stage; hands clasped, we are
together, divine lovers, your eyes flashing
against the dawn, my hands gripping
your thighs. We sway

as the sea rolls,
crashing; divine marriage;
celebration of the light .