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This is dedicated to the wonderful woman and poetess Charmian Baring. Thank you for all you have given me.


Me_cafe_rougeby Jake Murray27 Jan 2016


(for Charmian Baring)

The boy who could not look at you
for fear of your beauty
loves you now.

The boy who could not touch you
for awe of your glory,
loves you now.

The boy who could not speak
in sight of your splendour
stands before you now,

a man formed by the sorrows of
twenty years, his heart ready
to give you love.

The boy who loved you in silence
offers you his kisses, offers you
his hands, his body, his being,

lays his heart at your feet,
sorrow turned to glory
transfigured by the light

that shines from your face.
Let him sit at your feet
and wonder,

let him hold your face
in his hands,

let him kiss your eyes
to sleep.