Me_cafe_rougeby Jake Murray13 Mar 2016


yes, I remember.
you were the girl in the garden
who played with me,
while I was in another place.
you were the girl who loved me as only
a child loved, with all her heart,
not knowing what love was,
untouched by the day.

you were the girl
who placed a flower in my hair
as I ran down the street in my dreams,
who I woke yearning for, scarcely a boy,
longing to dream again. you were the girl
who met me in my thoughts,
left me promises, who walked ahead
took my hand, who cried beside me.

you were the girl
who knew, but did not know,
gifted by memory, laden with forgetting,
always a prophecy, face hidden, searching,
like me, for the other, searching for the garden,
the flowing stream. I run after you, bear you
flowers now, recognising at last
the angel I had seen.

draw back the curtain,
rise from the bed, join me to the landscape
of Arabian seas; walk with me to paradise,
a woman, held by a man, bodies kissed
in the heat of touch, made new
in white fire burning gold in the night.
see the colours, the garden where other
children play. stoop, and teach them
about love.