Me_cafe_rougeby Jake Murray29 Mar 2016


This body has not been loved enough.
A lover’s touch has not slid
Along its shoulders, not smoothed its skin
Tenderly; lips have not sung along its arms,
Kisses not played across its honeyed
Hips as they should.

One who adores you has not let his fingers
Move gently through your hair,
Whispered softly in your ear, told you
He loves you as deeply as the sea.
Tribute has not been paid.
You have not woken to eyes
That cared for you as a King,
Longed for you as a Prince.

Let me bring gifts to you, sweet libations
To pour at your feet, a serenade
To curl about you, an embrace to wrap you
In velvet and silk.
Let me be your courtier,
Let me be your singer,

Hymning your eyes, praising your face
As it sleeps with the stars.
Let mine be the body that
Touches you as you should be touched,
Blesses you as you should be blessed,
Brings you a love everlasting,
As the golden sun.