Me_cafe_rougeby Jake Murray06 Jul 2014



Sun rising noise and shouts
Streets filled with dust and cattle
And merchants and hawkers
And beggars and screams
And clattering jangling money

Walk among this sweat and tears
Dust and filth on each man's back
Woman calling swinging hips
And babies children running
Beggars crawling on wounded limbs
The rich lolling in processions
Life screams in all its fury


Step into the precinct
Calls of devotion the swelter
Of prayers Sun cuts in shafts of
Light across the stone floor
The outer court Simple love called
Out against the hot walls arms
Outstretched in the heat.

Hear the chanting
Knees in the dirt hands beating
The chest Pale stone sun-baked
Rises in the day’s heat The hum
And press of devotion bustling as
words steam out Melee Cacaphony
of noise

but even here
The dance of silence can be heard
Amidst the noise A glimpse of her
Arms spread wings unfurled across
The land above the sweating heads

A high note of song


Hallowed ground Cool sun glows
Through windows lining the amber
Walls Men walk white-robed ephods
Bejewelled with colours diamonds
Glimmering in the half-light rubies
Red emeralds sapphires

Cool air breathes The man walk in
Pattered silence Intoning words only
They know Heart unfurls Braziers burn
Candelabra stand in flame I walk slowly
Across the floor to the doorway Gateway
Eyes close Endless journey to that

which dwells within


on this day
at this time
the land lies still

in this chamber
the centre point
the zero point

the great angels beat in the air
the great ark shines in the darkness

utterances deeper than silence
the great Name sounds like a bell

and on this day
in this moment

the Palace is revealed
the throne of the King stands
unseen by eyes

lights play
vision breaks
all that is without is forgotten
the mind
is taken away

dance of the lover and beloved
the land lies crouched in silence
procession of wine
and honey

Time is ended

transcendent day