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A Ney is a reed flute given to every Initiate when they join Rumi's Mevlevi Sect (better known as the Whirling Dervishes). The reed flute is said to symbolise the soul and its yearning for its home, the reed bed, or God. Each Dervish learns to play his or her own tune on the Ney, creating the most beautiful and haunting improvised music.


Me_cafe_rougeby Jake Murray18 Aug 2014


The deep sorrow
of my soul unfurls itself
like a dancer, discarding
robes as it passes,
tears under the sky.

For every love that
blossomed and died,
every wound, every night
left crying in darkness,
it lets a garment lie,

glistening beneath
the sun, soft beneath
the moon. No time
without its sorrow
forgotten, rich regret

pouring itself out
like water, like wine
fresh from the winepress,
blood flowing crimson
on the floor.

The deep sorrow
of my soul comes to rest
like a dancer, hands held
crossed before it, head
dipped to the ground,

the music drifting
like a song, ripped weeping
from the heart, winding itself
to stillness, waiting for
a new beginning,

waiting for birth,
a hallowed dream,
a whispered sigh,
a new Heaven,
a new Earth.