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Inspired by the famous painting by Edward Hopper...


Me_cafe_rougeby Jake Murray10 Sep 2014


Pacing the silent
Sidewalk, see through the neon
Three people behind the glass
Are sitting, drinking coffee,
Two men and a woman,
One with his back to us,
The other two, fingers touching
May be together. Lovers,
Or otherwise, just met that night,
Fresh from a movie, or
Another story,
Laden with less romance,
Bought and sold
Or maybe, unlikely now,

He with the air to impress.
Hat sat jauntily on his head,
Or jaunty hours ago,
Now weary, as if he
Is close to quitting.
She looks at something
In her hand, hard bitten,
Rich in her red dress,
Elaborate hair and lipstick,
Says nothing.
Neither of them
Look at each other.
Caught in a moment
Of silence, of thought arrested,
Tiredness overwhelming
Energy, not wishing to speak.

The other man
Looks at his drink,
Lost in forgetfulness,
Not interested in the others,
Too tired, too lost
To care.
Behind the counter
The barman raises his head,
Reaching for something,
Perhaps communicating with
The man with the woman,
White hat on his hairless head,
Thinking of home.

He is lonely too.

The street where I walk opens
Outside them. Half the picture
Is taken up with
Green light cast
On the road like underwater
Haze. Shop windows are black
Like eye sockets, revealing
Nothing within.

The whole world is lost.

Inside the night hawks
Sit, frozen, so human,
Yet locked in ice.
Past midnight.
The glacier cracks
In the street.