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A poem inspired by the character Ariel in Shakespeare's 'The Tempest'... Imagine it spoken by Prospero.


Me_cafe_rougeby Jake Murray13 Sep 2014

Creature of spirit, shaped
out of air, I feel you pass
before me beneath the leaves
of the swaying trees, your
footprints dancing on the sand. 
How many nights have I sat with 
you hearing you sing, watching
you paint pictures in the air, 
unknowing of your being as the 
stars glittered across 
the night sky? 
                         Faces hover before 
me, a parade flowing free from 
yours. Mine flickers like a shadow,
alive for an instant, shaping and
reshaping in your smile. For endless
hours you spoke of secrets woven
like a pattern across the span of 
the universe, things you have seen
I can only dream of, taking me 
there on a chariot of gold. You
taught me everything. Your music
turned the sand to gold, formed
sea-shells into diamonds, sculpted
the ocean into streams of pearls that 
glimmered on the beach. 
feet walk along the shore, other
eyes look upon this landscape
of waterfalls and fruit, dark shapes
crawl among the bushes. My 
daughter still plays with me, still laughs
when you are near, but only 
I see you.
                  Must I now say goodbye
to all this? Is this the last time 
I will lose myself in the visions 
you bring? Must I now walk among
buildings, talking to men, not seeing
the night sky for lights burning in 
streets, the stars gone? Or will 
there be others who know you, 
Ariel, who I will speak to in quiet 
moments, behind doors that shut 
out the world, as if all that you 
revealed were secret, your melody
forbidden? Is that my destiny, 
you creature of Spirit, you figure
made of the warp and weft 
of air?