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Miriam was Moses's sister, who danced a dance of victory after the deliverance from Egypt... The poem imagines her at other key moments in history and dermas of a better world.


Me_cafe_rougeby Jake Murray26 Oct 2014


I was with you
At the borders of the sea
Where deliverance came
Saw you dance with
Wildness in your hair
Sing as the others praised

I was with you
At the water by the riverbank
As the dove descended
And the people roared
For joy at an era changing
Your eyes like fire in the sun

I will see you again
Dance beneath heavens
Opened once more
Even in this time
When the ugliness of concrete
Smothers the earth

We will win
We will see flowers
Bursting forth
As the whole world
Sings to a sudden tune
A symphony of