Me_cafe_rougeby Jake Murray17 Nov 2014


The soul is born in the stars,
Plays in suns,
Leaps with the sea spray,
Sings with the morning,
Forms and reforms forever
As kingdoms and dreams,
Never dying,
Only flowing to live
And die again,
An endless game

But what it has never been
Is you.
These tears in your eyes
Are you.
This body I hold in my arms
It will never be again.
This moment,
The next,
Is yours and yours alone,
And will never be so

This is why I hold you
Tightly to me at night
In the darkness,
Cradle you as a diamond
Loved beyond measure,
Beyond dreaming,
Frightened that the flow
Will take you away
Forever, to somewhere
I cannot reach.
This is why I love you,

Because there will
Never be you